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I don’t know about you, but here we follow Camille Styles home dress Modu. It’s as if our muscle memory is locked in the comfort zone, because when we wear it every day we find that we automatically get pants or rests in our pants. When some U.S. states began to reopen, we suddenly felt the need to freshen up our closets and start thinking about what we should wear to a barbecue or outdoor gatherings this summer.

Since comfort is still king, our prerequisites for getting clothes on re-entry are simple and straightforward. This means breathable fabric, simple multi-tasking designs, slow shapes and classic silhouettes.

So read on soon to get to know the 21 pieces we wore to a barbecue or an outdoor gathering soon — we also distributed them in clothes and shoes.


Cuyana V-neck midi dress

Recommended Suruchi Avasthi, Food Editor

“I know it’s summer and everyone is technically bright and fun for the season, but nothing makes me happier than the great basic black dress you can wear over and over again. This dress might be the most comfortable thing I have, and I’m ready to live in it all summer. Cuyan’s silhouette and I love classic and simple styles, and this dress has been perfect for door-to-door running and fun outdoor gatherings.It is very light and airy and the silhouette is very simple and classic, it fits very well with sandals for outdoor gatherings with a simple slide and no effort it makes me feel without it! “

My Happy Swallow Snow Dress

Recommended by editor-in-chief Camille Styles

“Let’s be honest, I’m still in the form of a home dress, and I don’t know if I ever want to get out. However, the comfort can be elegant, as evidenced by this breathable cotton midi dress from Mi Golondrina. Handmade embroidery rises to a special status (each dress is hand-embroidered in San Antonino Castillo Velasco (Oaxaca)), and the color palette is perfect for the coming summer days. I pair them with flat sandals, a red lip and a top knot. ”

Off White Macaw Romper

Recommended Anne Campbell, assistant editor

“Whatever the season, I always make sure I have at least one ball hanging from the closet so I can throw it out of the closet. This summer, it’s my headline Farm Rio this number. As I am a maximalist movement, I am strengthening this printed and colorful palette, and since it is already over 90 degrees, it is definitely a fabric that I can catch with its breathable linen. “

Martin White long reverse dress

Recommended by Deputy Director Sacha Strebe

“I developed a love story for the Australian brand, In the morning. Their clothes are effortless, relaxed and perfect from sweating at home to regular hangers and grilling with friends. I already have a black dress, but I also decided to get a white one because I love light cotton fabric, which is perfect for the warm coming months. There are many places in this dress with reverse folds, which create a very beautiful skirt and sharp sleeves. She is semi-light, she looks great with a bikini underneath, a bodysuit or a slip dress. Dress in high heels or dress with straps – this piece allows you to choose your adventure! ».

Kate Spade Gingham small short dress

Recommended by Kelly Krause, Wellness Editor

“I think gingham screams at a summer barbecue. Love the style and color of this dress, especially when the summer of Texas enters its 100s. Kate Spade always makes a great summer capsule and I’m already shaking this up. ”

The Line By K Gael dress

Recommended by Deputy Director Sacha Strebe

“I’ve been wearing this dress uninterruptedly since I bought it. The brand has been ethically made in Los Angeles by a former designer blogger, Karla Deras and is known for being simple, elegant, and effortless pieces. Every time I wear this dress I get compliments and so do you. ”

LAUDE Label Thea Romper

Recommended Caitlin Clark, assistant editor

“All the pieces I’ve bought based in Fort Worth are spinning the Laude Label almost constantly, so I can prove first hand how they made their organic linen collection. I live in Dallas, so finding fun pieces of light feathers is key to surviving a summer in Texas. this one has enough structure that I wear it (literally) without weighing it down ”.

LNA Endless Top

Recommended by Deputy Director Sacha Strebe

“I’ve been a fan of the cool girl Lauren Alexander for years. She built an essential everyday clothing line, the LNA, and became a fashion icon in the process. The approach to effortless style is enviable and its brand helps us all in a low and high atmosphere. I’m in love with her new collection, including this relatively smooth rayon made Endless Top, which will look simple but top notch with a pair of vintage Levi’s. “

H&M Knit Dress

Recommended by Deputy Director Sacha Strebe

“Summer isn’t complete without a few simple knit dresses when you’re a bit of a bikini thrower. This simple tank-style dress will complement your sunken skin and look great when worn with some kitten slides or weights. ”

Frank & Eileen Rory long woven dress

Recommended by editor-in-chief Camille Styles

“I’ve been living with this outfit almost since it arrived a month ago and it’s easy to see why. The 100% linen fabric is very light and breathable and the simple shirt style makes me look like I’m together, even when I’m not. It’s also a piece to disguise or lower depending on the occasion, and it’s also the most elegant beach cover! ”.

H&M Airy Cotton Dress

Recommended by Deputy Director Sacha Strebe

“The one who said you can’t wear black in the summer never knew me! This wide cotton dress is very simple and is almost made for summer. And that price just seals the deal. “

Levi’s Ribcage Ultra High Rise Simple Jeans

Recommended by Deputy Director Sacha Strebe

“I’m a girl and a girl in the summer months. It’s very easy, and when it gets hot (and wet), the thought of carrying anything complicated or uncomfortable makes my head spin. I have everything top notch (it’s very comfortable) so these will get great wear with sandals and that first recommended LNA top! “

Will + Bear Andy Oak Fedora

Recommended by Deputy Director Sacha Strebe

“I am everything sunscreen, a wide-necked hat, and tones all year round but especially in summer. I love this wide-eyed fedora to keep it looking fresh while it’s hot (and it protects me from the sun’s damage, it’s so important! ”

A new day sleeve puff dress for women

Recommended by Deputy Director Sacha Strebe

“When in doubt, I always go to our favorite store: Target. They have just easy summer options, stylish but affordable. This wide-sleeved dress has a big impact on less than $ 30. You can’t go wrong! ”

ABrand A Slouch Straight Leg Jean Georgian

Recommended by Deputy Director Sacha Strebe

“Since I’ve been living in sweat or leisure for the last 18 months, I’ve had a hard time getting into anything rigid. So I’m looking for pieces that mimic that comfort, and these are jeans. I’m talking about a long, loose form that looks tall but nice. “

Paris Georgia Linen Knitted Dress

Recommended by Deputy Director Sacha Strebe

“Okay, so this is in the highest price range, but I’m very much in love with this summer linen dress. It’s an amazing piece that will look great on outdoor gatherings with friends. Style a low-bed oven, straps and simple gold hoops.”


Mango platform sandals with knot

Recommended Lourdes Avila Uribe, assistant editor

“This sandal fits all my requirements. It has a small platform to give an extra inch of height, they have a good enough cushion, which makes walking comfortable for hours and they are just as stylish. much I saw more expensive versions at Anine Bing and Frankie Shop. I like to lift the look of shorts and a t-shirt and wear a satin dress or skirt. It’s all I want in a shoe! ”

Rag & Bone Ansley Slide

Recommended Brandy Joy Smith, Maternity Assistant

I just bought these shoes and am absolutely in love. I have tight feet so sandals can be a tough purchase. They’re elegant, but at the same time plain, they look great with a dress or jeans and a t-shirt. ”

Ziaden sandals

Michelle Nash, Recommended by Chief Producer

After taking a turn on these slides, I can make sure they are the most comfortable sandals I have ever had. I even went back and bought a second color with a different color because I was so in love with it. I’m usually in shoes all day, but I wore them for the whole day of filming and forgot they were on my feet. It’s safe to say that after I catch the pair I turn into sandals (maybe). I also love that these have small heels and since I’m 5’2 years old, I’ll be able to get more inches. “

Briana Platform Sandal

Recommended by Edie Horstman, Wellness Assistant

“I am particularly pleased with the trend of platform sandals this summer. I’m 5’0 ”on a good day, so I’ll take the extra height I can get. I will wear these great sandals at every party in warm weather. They are chic, very comfortable, and pair nicely with a short dress or boyfriend jeans (I have beige ones). I took her to a birthday party in the yard and got so many compliments! ”

Sol Sana Peony Slide

Recommended by Deputy Director Sacha Strebe

“Nothing looks like a thin brace in the summer. These simple black sandals are like a hug for your big toe. Jeans, dresses, shorts are great … well, anything really! ”

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