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In our family, my mom is definitely named a birthday cake baker. In the weeks leading up to each family member’s big day, he takes orders about what they are looking forward to that year. Sometimes it’s traditional (it’s a legendary four-layer carrot cake), and other times it’s not even a cake (Phobe recently ordered tiramisu!), But it’s always special, personal, and so festive. And if 1000% want me to continue that tradition, I’ve also picked up a passion for making cakes myself; there is something about a lifting cake that satisfies any creative itching in the kitchen, it also sends so much love to the recipient. When I was younger, my mother and I took a cake decorating class together, where we learned the tricks of baking for tips and perfectly applied frosting. And just as I love the art of a truly impressive cake, I almost always go home to the country house and to something more homely when I’m baking. Write: my berry and cream layer cake recipe. It’s so easy, putting it together is a fun creative project that almost makes you think.

It’s one of those recipes without a recipe, once you’ve mastered that, to play it over and over again. Once you’ve committed to a simple equation of memory (cake + cream + berry – repeat!), You can turn your back on it just in case. Everyone will think You are really making all kinds of cake recipes, the old dog is the same with some new tricks. For example, can you add a little cocoa powder to the cake, and use cherries instead of berries, and all of a sudden? A layer of black forest cake, folks. I think often inexperienced bakers are scared of the idea of ​​baking a huge cake, so I wanted to share the steps in this berry and cream layer cake recipe to show how easy it is.

First, make the cake.

You have a few options here, depending on your budget, time, and trend. You can make the recipe from scratch (try carrot, or with the classic paste vanilla!) You can make it from a box (like I did in the photos you see here. It was very delicious.) Or, you can pick up your cakes at a bakery. The fact is that you need two 9-inch or 8-inch cakes that you can stack – or if you want a high mini cake, use the same number of eggs to make three wonderful 6-inch layers.

I thought of using my knife to split it horizontally, turning this into something four with plenty of layer cake filling and a thinner layer of cake, but at the end of the day a classic two-layer cake is so simple and gratifying.

Next, whip the cream.

I will never forget when I went to college and my roommates were shocked when I threw the stand mixer and turned on the heavy cream. Whipped cream from scratch? Yes, it’s a party trick that never ages until you realize it’s easy enough for a 4-year-old to fulfill. Here are some expert tips for getting the best cream, though:

  1. Make sure your bowl and your blender are very clean, dry and cold – I put mine in the freezer 15 minutes before whipping.
  2. Use heavy cream Crush and get the best results that won’t drain in a few minutes.
  3. On that note, you want to be careful with the ingredients you add; if you decide to sweeten the cream, make a pastry (powder) with a small amount of sugar. If you need to set up a little cream (i.e. you’re making a cake beforehand), it will never hurt to help add a little tartar cream.
  4. If you use other sweet ingredients (like these soaked berries), the cream shouldn’t be sweetened at all! The beauty of clean cream without sweets is a beautiful marriage with sweet sugar berries or rich chocolate.

Soak the berries.

That is, “leave the berries hanging with a sugar, which is an elegant way of saying, so that they can release all their sweet and syrupy goodness.” I add a couple teaspoons of sugar to my blackberries, raspberries and blueberries 30 minutes before assembling my cake. They start to soften and break down, almost forming a little sauce soaking a little in the cake and making a sauce that makes everything very good.

Assemble the layer cake.

If your cakes are cupped in the middle, use a long knife to cut a round piece to give it two flat sides. It’s optional, but the final look is cleaner and helps keep berries and cream in your cake, rather than slipping. To serve on a plate or cake, place the first layer. Use a large spoon to add a few large balls of cream in the middle, and then spread almost to the edges. Add a few smaller balls of berries in a double layer, and then add your next cake layer. Repeat the steps, finishing with your prettiest berries and (if desired) stacking some edible flowers on top.

I was so in love with these chamomile flowers, I even added some weird branches that came out of the sides. This is what some might call a “naked cake” because the sides are unfrozen and impressive. As well as being very simple, I love the homemade and slightly rustic look of this style of cake. You can certainly clean it up a bit with a flat knife to smooth the edges and top, but I think it’s fun to leave it a bit freestyle.

How to split a layer cake as a professional.

Here are some tips for getting a clean, even slice once (when I learned my cooking days I had to split delicious wedding cakes in front of hundreds of people. Pressure!)

  1. Use a sharp, fine knife that is at least half the length of your cake.
  2. Start by scoring a line across the middle and then another slice perpendicularly. This helps ensure that your parts will be even.
  3. Cut the first half of the punctuation line and then cut the whole part. After the knife has gone all the way, pull it out of the cake. Slide a cake server to the bottom of the slice and serve.
  4. If too much cream or frost is sticking to the knife, hold a bowl of warm water and insert the knife between each slice to get a cleaner result in the water.

Go for this berry and cream layer cake recipe and I’d love to hear your comments!

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