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One of the most crucial and difficult aspects of decorating is your compliance home with art. Hurry up to cover a space, and maybe you can have a cheap wall art that doesn’t connect quite well. Hold on to what’s meaningful, and spend more time on the walls of empty real estate than you want. Or worse: you find the right piece to complete a room, but it’s out of your budget. To help you avoid the complete tragedy of this last opportunity, we have explored some of the best sources of art on the Internet ( Tappan and Saatchi ra Etsy and Chair) and take advantage of some of our favorite artists (invest now before they explode in them) to get unique and inexpensive pieces of art for less than $ 500.

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Cheap Original Art

From abstract paintings made with vivid acrylics to striking mixed pieces, having original and unique works has never been more accessible.

Perryn Ryan “Abode”

Inspired by femininity and well-being, Brooklyn artist and Parsons graduate of The New School often paints women’s shape and yoga poses. Whatever the subject, the result is always pure joy.

Jonathan David Lange “In the Apartment, Chicago, Rock ‘n’ Roll Looking at McDonalds”

Although the title is very specific, the unique abstract work of Illinois artist and comic book artist Jonathan David Langer can evoke something special in every audience.

Alan Efron Art Abstract Painting

If you want to cover a serious space with a budget, Etsy’s painting section is filled with wonderful and endless discoveries. Based on glowing reviews, artist Alan Efron will match the tone of your room with this great oil painting.

Anna Pepe “Tassels”

This abstract oil pastel drawing with the artist’s signature is simple on the subject, but influenced by the toned pink paper.

Nadia NL “One Drop Painting”

This abstract acrylic piece by the Montreal painter arrives ready to hang anywhere and bring immediate joy.

Marta Zamarska “Summer Postcard 11 Painting”

Taking the Middle Eastern landscape as a reference, the beauty lies in the simplicity of this pre-framed piece of paper on oil by the creative artist Marta Zamarska.

Simeoni Art Studio Abstract Textured Painting

We are obsessed with the textural details of this abstract work. The artist can paint black, silver or gold as a second color, but pure white is perfect for anyone who loves a minimalist design.

Josh Young Design House “Emma”

Using vivid acrylics and oil paintings, the Washington DC artist mixes modern techniques with classic portraits for this medium-mixed work.

Urbano Espinosa “Words XII Painting”

Part of the Spanish artist’s “Words” series, this original acrylic on Canson paper has less symmetry, minimalism and ethos.

Christina Longoria “Palms # 8”

The beautiful expressionism of the North Carolina artist allows you to call the beach where you can call it home.

Buy it and it’s unique

From limited edition work to bold giclée lettering, the following new discoveries fill your walls and start conversations.

Dorothy Shain “The Kaling Collage”

The Charlestone artist was commissioned in the past to complete live works for actress Mindy Kaling. In honor of this creative collaboration, Shain released a limited edition printed giclée called “The Kaling Collage”.

Niki Dionne “Satchmo Girl”

The Texas-based fiber artist and illustrator behind Actual Footage of Me explores how it affects the “perceived self” when black women “present” it, capturing easy-to-identify moments.

ReagART “Thirsty”

Pop artist Reagan Corbett offers a playful game about Texas iconography, as any Texan knows, as Whataburger specifically points out.

Jessica Poundstone “Color Cloud 10- We’ve Been Here Before Pigment”

This dreamy, minimalist work by the Portland artist is meditative, immersive, and can add the right amount of color to your space.

Alyssa Hamilton “Relief [1]”

Versatile printed canvas, a size that can be hung without frames, only fits the right size.

Desireé Vaniecia “Blessed but hardly beneficial”

Desireé is another print from the giclée edition published by Vaniecia, which represents those who are “blessed but hardly benefited” who dominate their craft but do not recognize it. If the style of the Dallas-based artist is well known, he recently completed a mural on the back of the Soho House Austin pool.

Daylight Dream Editions “Modern and colorful modern geometric prints” – Set of 6

This request from the Los Angeles-based art studio is an experiment with tones, values, and tones. A touch of texture in the middle of each square (look for a good catch) makes each print unique.

Bella McGoldrick “Single Server”

New Zealand’s original hyperrealistic works that highlight the texture and detail of everyday objects take 100 hours to draw. Looking closely at one of his pieces, the investment of time will come as no surprise.

Marleigh Culver “Helen II ”

Postcards from faraway places inspired this abstract work, perfect for fostering day-to-day dreams.

Mona Vaydaren’s “Still Life Arrangement Series No. 9.”

Satisfying your love for houseplants with a new add-on that requires literally zero attention.

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