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Needless to say, I almost grew up as an Australian the beach. I was born in Cairns on the east coast of the far north of Queensland, where the average annual humidity is 63% and can rise to 81% or more in summer. So you might swim in the pool or in the ocean or suffer the fate of your sweat-covered (and I mean covered wet and dripping, it’s not fun!). But, the beaches of this part of the world are unlike anywhere else on this planet – after all, we have the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. I would swim almost every day, several times a day in my life, so it’s safe to say that I’ve tried the best swimsuits of my time.

I think we all agree that finding the right swimsuit is a journey, but luckily there is a wide variety on the net to suit all shapes, sizes and styles. To help with the hunt, we asked our editorial team to share their current favorites. Keep reading at any time of the year to find out the best swimsuits.

Shop Onia x WeWoreWhat’s Danielle One-Piece Swimsuit

“I have three one-piece outfits for good Danielle. I find them very flattering. I love threads; you just give it a little lift without feeling like a push. The belt helps emphasize the waist and the high-cut style leaves the legs long. What more could you ask for? “- Brandy Joy Smith, Maternity Assistant

Buy Vitamin A to Swim Remy Rashguard and Full Sienna high waist incisions

“I grew up in one of the hottest climates in the world: Australia. So wearing UPF leather is pretty common on the beach. But the design has come a long time since I was a little girl. This style of vitamin A swim dress with full cut bottoms helps protect me from skin cancer and rapid aging while still giving me a stylish look. Now it’s a combination I can write at home. ” – Sacha Strebe, deputy editor

Shop Triangl Maci in the movie Fawn Sparkle

“Based in Australia Triangl has come a long way from those ubiquitous neoprene booms that ruled Instagram a few years ago. Now, the outfits are more relaxed (there’s also a high-waisted version of most of the bottoms), but the real beauty of the live brand that is consumed only online is maintained: it’s one of the rare swimwear companies that makes its sale. as a set of bikinis, and almost all of them have less than $ 100. ”- Caitlin Clark, assistant editor

Buy the store on Friday Hi-Tide Lower and Pool Days Top

“This was the only swimsuit I made for my last camping trip. We swam in freshwater rivers, pools and lakes. I love how versatile it is, I find it classic and fresh, without being out of fashion. It survived all the swimming I threw in and still looks “I also love how the bottom of the high waist is positioned above the belly button. It’s very flattering!” Sacha Strebe, deputy editor

Shop Andie Valencia Top

At first glance, the bikini suit is a classic triangle, although it fits perfectly, the lifts and supports fit in the right places. The cruise material is very flattering, and has a subtle sexy atmosphere from the nineties, sexy, but not also sexy. ”- Camille Styles, editor-in-chief

Shop Wanderlust Swim Nina Top and The bottom of the sky

I’m obsessed with Wanderlust’s long, woven fabrics. This bikini holds you up, but it’s very comfortable and moves with you. I’m usually a black swimsuit, but the wise color is a lot of fun and flattering (and they also have great color choices!). You can mix and match tops and bottoms, but I really like having these low-waisted low-lying deserts a bit. ”- Hannah Zahner, Beauty and Wellness Editor

Shop Aerie Great bikini and A great crossover high cut bikini

As much as I can, I can’t leave Aerie swimsuits. Every season I see myself traversing the site, mixing and merging peaks and bottoms. They are very inexpensive, look amazing on all body types and have a wide range of colors, patterns and styles. I’m generally looking for a sporty top and top climb, bottom swing, and I like to know that they can match the top of this season with the bottom of the previous season and it will look great. ”- Lourdes Avila Uribe, assistant editor

Shop Zulu & Zephyr Bralette signature and Short Boy

“There are many incredible Aussie clothing designers but the nation is famous for its swimwear brands. Zulu & Zephyr is one of my favorites for its great look at cuts and classic styles. !) And the braleta is like an athleisure / swim hybrid. “- Sacha Strebe, deputy editor

Shop Chant Des Cigales swimsuit

“I recently found Sézan’s swimsuit, and they are amazing. Forever, beautiful and eco-friendly, this swimsuit is the perfect quantity for women and playful. I love the deep V-neck (especially someone with small breasts) and hugs it in the right places. I recently got dressed up for a girls trip to Scottsdale, but I also plan to dress up on the beach in Hawaii, chasing my little one around. ”- Edie Horstman, Wellness Assistant

Shop Oseree Lumiere Two-piece 90s sporty bikini

What better excuse to go to Miami with a swimsuit than a swimsuit? I couldn’t resist this funky set when I recently saw it at a local store and found out it had to be mine. The high waist, high-cut bottoms and sporty top are very flattering and comfortable, and are the bold colors and glitter of the party life. ”- Michelle Nash, lead producer

Shop Johanna Ortiz High Noon Printed one-piece swimsuit

“This Texas girl has quite A thing for the creations of Colombian-born designer Johanna Ortiz. (Its excellent patterns, rich color palette, top quality fabrics and perfect construction.) I recently bought it one-piece splurge on the weekend at the lake and in the evenings by the pool, and since then there have been uninterrupted compliments. With the way it shows the skin without wearing too much, this suit is the perfect number for girls-sex. “- Anne Campbell, assistant editor

Shop Christopher Esber Looped Halterneck One Piece

“I have a healthy obsession with Australian designer Christopher Esber. My wardrobe has a fairly extensive collection of track designs and I’ve been looking at a single piece since I started swimming. Not as ready to dress, Esber pays the same attention to detail and craftsmanship to creating swimsuits that look like an outfit. And this piece isn’t just for the beach. I would also wear linen or silk palazzo casual pants, long silk skirts or shorts to get a more casual look. ”- Sacha Strebe, deputy editor

Shop Solid and striped, Anne-Marie One Piece

The best classic and black one-piece I’ve found. I have been wearing this suit for a few seasons and it has lasted very well. The fabric is thick, comfortable and very soft. As the cut is more traditional, I like to have a nice deep depth. ”- Hannah Zahner, Beauty and Wellness Editor

Shop Aexae gathered a one-piece swimsuit

“Another Australian brand I love (do you notice any trends?) Is Aexae swimming. They are a permanent swimming line with fresh, flattering shapes (I love this headband style). I usually go for neutral colors (they have a wonderful brown chocolate suit), but lately I’ve been feeling green and the bright color is a lot of fun. I’m also a one-piece strapless rocket. Side ruching makes this fashion feel more. Curiously, at every request, they plant mangroves in Madagascar to cultivate ecosystems and protect the environment by removing them from the c02 atmosphere. ” Sacha Strebe, deputy editor

Shop Fella Swim Brad Top

I love a good bra-top that is supportive and classic like this, especially on boat days when I don’t want to constantly adjust my swimsuit. This top had a slightly smaller coverage, so it’s better for small boxes, but it comes in a lot of wonderful colors and patterns — it’s a basic attachment to any swimsuit collection. ” – Michelle Nash, lead producer

Shop London Bodywear The Minimalist One Piece

A single piece perfectly divides the difference between having a classic and simple swimsuit and a modern and sexy edge. It’s kind of bold and European, but it’s sturdy and offers enough coverage that I feel comfortable swimming and living in with family and friends. The smooth texture is very silky and ultra luxurious so I can get into my inner glam without going overboard. It’s my only piece every year. “- Lourdes Avila Uribe, assistant editor

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