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BKFC 19 – Paige VanZant vs. Rachel Ostovich: fight prediction, ticket, PPV price, how to watch, play

After a brawl at the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships premiere in February when he decided to compete in Britain in February, former UFC star Paige VanZant believes she has adapted enough to the learning curve to be a big success on Friday’s return.

VanZant (8-5 MMA, 0-1 BKFC) will be the BKFC 19 titleholder at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa Bay, facing the former UFC foe and naked debutant Rachael Ostovich (4-5 MMA).

“I’m very happy now to have experience in empty barn boxing after the first fight,” VanZant said in a recent press conference on Wednesday. “I feel like I’ve gained strength in the fifth round that followed me. Obviously, Rachael and I are regular opponents returning to the UFC and now it’s a completely different sport. There are 100 reasons between us to tune in and see this fight.”

27-year-old VanZant introduced Ostovich in the second round of the UFC in January 2019, which Ostovich says earned him a striking match between the two. However, the recent losses suffered by Hart forced VanZant to change the way he trained in an attempt to present BKFC as a face of PVZ promotion in the hope of fulfilling its financial investment.

After training for the first time in South America’s Top Team MMA gym, along with UFC veteran Thiago Alves and current BKFC fighter, VanZant decided to do a boxing center training camp. He moved to Luna Boxing in Miami under the tutelage of Cuban coach Pedro Diaz, who has previously guided characters like Miguel Cotto and Guillermo Rigondeaux to boxing world titles.

“It gives me confidence to have a coach like that in my corner and a coach who believes in me,” VanZant said. “Actually, my confidence is in the training that has prepared me and I feel like I’m a more complete boxer instead of being an MMA fighter in boxing.”

Hart, who married sports veteran Joey Beltran and is currently battling heavyweight BKFC at Wednesday morning’s press conference, will also return on Friday for the main event against Jenny Savager. The sharp Hart is likely to win the winner VanZant-Ostovich and it has become very clear after being beaten directly on the card below the PVZ.

Ostovich made his BKFC debut in the UFC in search of a new start after 3-4 seasons, including three straight defeats, as he was released with a promotion.

“Paige is a big motivation for me,” Ostovic said. “We are great laminae with each other and I think we will bring a lot of perseverance and enthusiasm. It’s not a rematch, because this is another sport, but I still want to prove what I have achieved.

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Fight card

  • Paige VanZant vs. Rachel Ostovich, female feather weights
  • Hart vs. Great Britain Jenny Savage, female feather weights
  • Arnold Adams vs. Mick Terrill, heavyweights

View information

  • Day: July 23 | Place: Florida State Fairgrounds – Tampa, Florida
  • Start time: 20.00 ET
  • TV: PPV ($ 39.99) | Stream: FITE TV ($ 39.99)


VanZant is not wrong in his view that he closed his BKFC debut against Hart as a fresh and dominant fighter. While he certainly deserved to miss the decision, PVZ seemed to have to invent the exact variety of distance and punches to be successful in this new project.

Hopefully this experience will be used to gather circles around Ostovich. VanZant is faster and much more fluid in the training videos that appeared before the fight.

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