Bored of 30 things to do with friends (tested and accepted!)

Like many of you, I spent the last forty years of my life dying to be with friends. However, when it was finally time to socialize again, I quickly realized that I was out of practice. Simply put, the “hangout” didn’t come as easily as before! If you are in a time full of fun ideas for doing things with friends and the challenge is to not have enough hours in the day to day, sometimes the opposite is true. It can be easy to sit around, run “together” on social media without being there, or go to the same old cafe or water hole you always do. So to help inspire my creative hangouts, I put together a list of things to do with friends when they get bored.

After not being able to spend quality time with my friends for a year, my goal is to be able to be in front of them every minute I prefer.

If you’re reuniting with friends and need some ideas, I’ve put together a list of 25 things to do with friends so you don’t waste your precious time together. Use this list as inspiration or list of containers—Remember to never accept boredom, because boredom is fundamental.

Things to do with friends when you’re bored:

1. Create a spa experience. It can be as easy as lifting your feet and throwing them into a mask, or it can be as easy as soaking your feet or massaging trains and hair masks.

2. Go for a walk. Do an exercise talking in a nice park or neighborhood and looking at houses (my favorite part).

3. Play a game. Looking for cards, board games, beer pong or old-fashioned leather, games are a great way to get bored with friends.

4. Be a film marathon. It’s okay if you don’t have the strength to be active. Watch all the Harry Potter movies in order with a hot bag of popcorn and a glass of wine. Or use this The best films of the 90s list as inspiration.

5. Do a cardio dance training video. Dance parties are always better with friends.

6. Make it seasonal cocktails. Get this stylish and use the prettiest glasses and the freshest ingredients. Then meet him for your friendship.

7. Find the nearest beach or pool. You’re never old enough to splash water in the water with your best friends. Don’t forget to pack everything you need, this list things to pack for the beach will help!

8. Try new restaurant In town. Get out of your comfort zone and experiment with something new together. Everyone promises something different on the menu.

9. Have a wine tasting at home. Buy three bottles of wine: more than $ 20, about $ 15 and less than $ 10. Cover the bottles with paper, pour each person a drink and guess which wine it is. Or try it like a natural wine loss queue and open your palette!

10. Do something creative. Go to the supply store and choose a fun project or go to town with old jeans or t-shirts with scissors and an embroidered kit.

11. Start a book club. It seems that the plans are personally better put together, so take advantage of your time and finally start a book club. Arrange the order of the books you want to read (they all add one to the list). Get inspired the most talked about books on TikTok.

12. Do a mood chart. Create a common mood chart or do it individually. Compare then.

13. Have an international dinner. Create and enjoy a menu with delicious delicacies from around the world. Ideal international dinner: spicy tuna crispy rice appetizer, pizza table, tacos for dinner and truffle potatoes. Ah, and gelato for dessert.

14. Binge a TV show. This is one of the favorite things to do when you get bored with friends. Choose a short series and see the whole thing in one day. I recommend Easttown mare and Cruel summer.

15. Put a nice table and to carry the order. Make the table to be part of dinner, not cooking. Use the dishes sitting on the back of your food to dust and use the linen cloths you have been lazy to use.

16. Try a new recipe. Trials and mistakes because laughing with a friend is more fun.

17. Something in the oven. I prefer to bake with friends, so I don’t just eat a dozen cookies.

18. Make your own pizza. Start from scratch homemade dough or use store-bought crust. Get personal sizes so everyone can go crazy with their great options. It’s a lot more fun than dominoes.

19. Practice your yoga. Watch a video or walk between your favorite streams.

20. Make a puzzle. Call me crazy, but puzzles yes exciting. Is anyone else competitive to put together the final puzzle?

21. Build a new playlist together. Add together songs that remind you of your memories and listen to each other when you’re apart.

22. Clean the closet with a style show. Do you know that scene from the movie Sex & The City when Carrie Bradshaw leaves her apartment and tries on all her outfits for her friends to vote for? Yes, do that. Productive and fun.

23. Be your own CS flavor. Go to the grocery store and buy all kinds of vanilla ice cream and classify it, or get creative and try something else.

24. Give each other a change of image. Don’t let other people look in the mirror and do their makeup or hair. If the results are good, come out and show it!

25. Go shopping with each other. Online or in person, choose an outfit that should suit the other. Be with this, girls.

26. Write letters to each other. Sure we send each other heartfelt texts, but the texts are provisional. I decided to keep the handwritten letters the art of dying alive.

27. Create and compare lists of containers. Give each time to write down the things they want to do / complete one by one, then compare and make a “main list” of similar things. Then go do it together.

28. Greet one another. Circle and tell everyone what they like about them. Take the time to build friends and remember how great they are.

29. Do gourmet coffee. Add a new ingredient, break the milk or just enjoy it as an evening conference. Tip: Note how your friend drinks coffee so you can surprise him once again with a cup of joe.

30. Sing karaoke. Traditional karaoke is fun enough, but if you’re looking for a laugh-out-loud laugh, try Cowboy Karaoke. The person who sings has headphones on the volume at high volume, has their eyes covered and cannot hear themselves singing. For everyone else, you will get a hilarious performance at A Cappella.

Save this post for the next time you are bored with friends and leave your ideas below!

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