These 17 recipes without cooking will make your life a lot easier

Even for those who really love it cook, we all agree that putting it on a hot stove in the warm summer months or feeling a scorching oven explosion is not at all appealing. Sometimes the urge to make a meal is there, but there is no urge to work in the hot kitchen! There are even some of our most avid home cooks among us who don’t feel like preparing an elaborate meal, turning these uncooked recipes into lifelong protection.

Save time and energy, with delicious and hearty meals, fresh, light and satisfying. And even if there are few salad in this range of recipes, it’s not the only way to make a meal without cooking. It’s a great opportunity to get creative with the fresh ingredients you’re working on and empty the drawer cleaner before things start to go wrong. Most of these recipes use foods that can be replaced with similar ingredients, as it is easier than ever to throw away uncooked food together.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. We’ve got you covered with 15 non-cooking recipes for any cooking you could want. Soon mark the next time you need to prepare food without burning it in the kitchen, oven or grill. These summer favorites are so tasty that you’ll crave them all year round, no matter the weather.

Make our favorite recipes without cooking!

This salad is just as delicious as it is delicious. Keep it simple and leave the homemade croutons; buy it in the store to prevent the oven from turning on.

Eat seasonal (and colorful!) Foodie Crush with this quick and easy salad.

Make this breakfast before you go to bed so you can wake up and enjoy the delicious morning candy. No cooking required!

It’s not much more refreshing than this tasty Asian-inspired recipe.

Enter a small dessert with a dazzling carrot cake; You only need 10 ingredients and 30 minutes.

Keep summer, light and fresh with this sweet and salty twist of a Greek salad.

We can’t get enough of these tasty vegetable rolls, the spicy sauces can’t be overcome.

Glad to put that sweet tooth in without having to heat the kitchen with this easy oven-free oven recipe.

Perfect for when you’re craving soup, but it’s too hot.

Load the vegetables with this crispy and delicious slaw. You want to make a double recipe for tomorrow’s meal.

Use pre-prepared rice or leave everything together while you enjoy a sweet and delicious poke bowl.

How pretty and colorful are these delish taco boats?

Not much easier than this Panzanella, make sure you use croutons bought in the store or use outdated bread, avoid cooking!

Like rich krispy food, but for adults. Duplicate the recipe so you can have snacks on hand in emergencies.

Sometimes a light salad with spinach takes its place! This is a feast for the eyes and stomach and is full of this essential mineral that we all need: iron!

Heaven sandwiches can be a Caprese salad. Is it much better than this? We think not. And it couldn’t be made easier.

Name a combination that is more satisfying than strawberries and chocolate? We will wait.

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