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A US based startup company, engaged in the business of online gaming, virtual reality and artificial intelligence is interested in business set up in India and this regard has approached Ezybiz India Consulting LLP for complete handholding in the entire process.

Presently, the US based parent company has risen initial funding of USD 250 Million from venture capital firm based in California and would invest around USD 20 Million in setting up business in India. It is proposed to set up business in Mumbai, India and start its operations by January 2023.

The US Company is planning for subsidiary company registration in India as it is most tax efficient entity structure in India.

Over the years, India has become one of the most sought after business destinations in the world. With its vibrant democracy, huge middle class consumer base with good purchasing power and ease of doing business, backed by various incentives and schemes provided by the government of India, has encouraged more and more foreign companies for business set up in India and making investment in India.

Some of the facts about India which has attracted foreign investment and strong urge to do business in India are as under:

India has become 5th
largest economy of the world surpassing United Kingdom. The current GDP of India is around USD 3.5 Trillion and by year 2027, it is expected to be USD 5 Trillion. In retail space, India is fifth largest in the world. It is fourth largest automobile industry in the world. Further, it is second largest telecommunication market in the world with estimated subscriber base of approx. 1.2 Billion. Moreover, it is world’s largest offshore destination for Information Technology companies in the world. By the year 2027, it is estimated that e-commerce market in India would be around USD 200 Billion

Above is just an illustration. Besides above, there are many positive facts and figures about India which has attracted foreign companies towards business set up in…

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