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Felix Verdejo has been charged with kidnapping, the death of a former pregnant lover in Puerto Rico

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Felix Verdejo, a professional boxer with a 27-2 record, has been charged with kidnapping and being caught in a car and deliberately killing and killing an unborn child on Sunday. Police said the body of a dead woman was Verdejo’s former lover Keishla Rodriguez in Puerto Rico on Sunday. Verdejo was handed over to U.S. federal authorities after being questioned before Rodriguez’s disappearance.

The FBI’s criminal indictment has accused Verdejo of punching Rodríguez and injecting him with a syringe filled with an unidentified substance. The report says he then tied his arms and feet with a wire and threw them from a bridge on Thursday morning after tying them to a heavy block.

Verdejo, a former Olympian and suffered a massive TKO loss against Masayoshi Nakatani in December, when he deflected the climb to light levels, is married to a daughter, but Rodriguez’s parents told reporters that he and Verdejo knew each other from the medium and kept in touch.

According to Keila Ortiz Rodriguez’s mother, Rodriguez called Verdejo to come to her home to check the results of the positive pregnancy test before she disappeared. Ortiz also said Verdejo has put pressure on Rodriguez not to worry about the baby for his career and family.

“I told him,‘ Be careful, ’because he had already threatened me,” Ortiz said.

Verdejo and his lawyers did not want to comment before, and police said the boxer did not cooperate and refused to answer questions, Associated Press.

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