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HC Provides Cloud Servers To Support Peppermint OS Open-Source Project (HC) announced that it has begun donating Public Cloud Server infrastructure to Peppermint OS open-source project. HC is providing public cloud servers for Peppermint’s team in its U.S. and European virtual data centers.

The Cloud infrastructure support for Peppermint is a part of HostColor’s Open-Source Projects Support Program. The program is created to provide cloud infrastructure, network support, and donations to developers of free and open-source software projects. will also promote the Peppermint OS project to its own clients and partners. The cloud service provider will donate to the Peppermint project every time when its customers install and use Peppermint OS on cloud desktops and servers hosted in the HC’s virtual data centers.

Peppermint is a Linux OS distribution based on Debian and Devuan Stable that uses the XFCE open-source desktop environment for Linux and Unix-like operating systems. One of Peppermint’s goals is to provide a familiar environment for new Linux users, that requires low computing resources to run.

“We are happy to start providing public cloud infrastructure to Peppermint and supporting the project. The Peppermint team’s work is a textbook example of the best model for developing software technologies – a horizontal organization of talented people who commit time and energy to create and distribute open-source computer programs, distributed under a GPU license,” says HostColor’s founder and CEO Dimitar Avramov. He adds the whole technology industry and the Internet, in particular, is built on the relentless efforts of millions of people who do what the Peppermint team’s members do – to create valuable software code and applications and distribute them under the GNU General Public License. “Without the work of the developers of free and open-source software, like those of Peppermint OS, who create programs to help people, not for a direct profit, the IT industry would be in a much worse state,” also says…

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