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Leading Scrum Trainer, Rebel Scrum, Is Now Available for Speaking and Seminar Presentations

Madison, WI, 09/22/2022 / SubmitMyPR /

Master scrum trainer, Rebel Scrum, has announced that it is now offering speaking and seminar presentations conducted by Mary Iqbal, a professional scrum trainer with The speaking sessions will be geared towards helping teams learn about Agile from an engaging speaker with years of hands-on experience implementing agile frameworks like Scrum in several multi-million dollar projects.

Rebel Scrum is an organization that helps teams handle complex, multi-step projects transform into an Agile force with competent tools, mindset, and approaches using the Scrum Framework
Rebel Scrum

Leading Scrum trainer, Mary, has trained over a thousand people in Agile, Scrum, and Kanban as one of’s exclusive professional scrum trainers. She has also guided over 60 teams during their Agile transformation. Iqbal’s background as a software project manager has also helped her experience the traditional project management process. She knows firsthand how previously widely used techniques like waterfall can lead to unrealistic goals, consequently projects missing deadlines and over-expenditure that ultimately result in a demoralized team pulling all-nighters to no avail.

The Rebel Scrum seminars and presentations are a ray of hope for teams working hard yet unable to barely move the needle. Mary, named the best speaker at the Chicago fundraising dinner in 2018, brings exceptional Scrum knowledge, understanding, and engagement to these speaking events.

The Rebel Scrum is a mission-oriented organization that identifies the most important messages that need to be delivered and goals that need to be met for each speaking session. They are some of the most consequential practices and concepts that have a significant impact on the productivity of any team or organization. The concepts are also mentioned as keynote topics on the official Rebel Scrum website.

An outline of the keynote topics the focus in Rebel Scrum speaking sessions includes.

  • The product owner’s accountability

  • Leadership and Scrum

  • Don’t mess with Scrum

  • Scrum values

  • Scrum in a nutshell.

  • Managing an Agile Transformation

  • What is Agile, and when should…

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