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New Zealand lays out plans to reconnect with post-pandemic world Coronavirus pandemic News

Jacinda Ardern says New Zealand will explore new travel bubbles as more people join COVID-19.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said her government will look into further travel “bubbles” and this year will lead trade delegations to reconnect with a post-pandemic world.

With most of New Zealand’s key workers vaccinated against COVID-19 and vaccinating the wider population in July, Ardern said on Thursday that his government is ready to rebuild global relations.

After more than a year of Ardern’s partial and phase-out reopening plan, the border has been severely closed, helping New Zealand (a Pacific nation with a population of five million) to eradicate the coronavirus within its borders.

It was the first step in reopening New Zealand. “travel bubble”With Australia, which started last month.

Ardern said Tuesday that his government will allow free quarantine travel with the South Pacific Cook Islands.

“As this phase of vaccination in New Zealand is incomplete, the number of countries we can safely open is limited,” the prime minister said in a previous budget speech in Auckland.

“That’s because they have to have the same status as us or they have a low risk of bringing COVID into the country.

“Niue is the next natural accessory. We’re pretty open beyond that, and I anticipate that there will be other countries where we can explore options, ”he said.

Since the opening of the travel bubble last month, more than 70,000 people have landed in Australia in New Zealand, and more than 57,000 have gone abroad, Ardern said.

However, he noted that the vaccine that was spread in New Zealand was incomplete and the number of countries that could open it safely was limited.

The government plans to administer more than one million doses of COVID-19 jab by June, Ardern said, and in July extended an inoculation program to all New Zealanders over the age of 16.

The Prime Minister said he would bring a trade and promotion delegation to Australia in early July, the first since COVID-19 was set up, and would also look into directing delegations in Europe, the United States, China and the wider Asia-Pacific.

“These trips may not have been significant COVIDs before, but they are incredibly significant considering the domestic realities we have experienced and the global ones that still follow,” Ardern said.

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