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OPENVERSE Helps Build the Atletiverse Metaverse to Help Demonstrate a New Method of Marketing for the Sports Industry

On July 17, 2022, after Openverse and their strategic partner Club Atlético de Madrid officially announced the release of 3D avatars of the players; a series of trendy social avatars for interaction and play within the new, football Metaverse gradually came into view. As a developer of a real-time avatar systems for brands and creators, Openverse developed 3D avatars of famous the football athletes to appear in the interactive Metaverse. In the Club Atlético de Madrid’s metaverse called the Atletiverse, fans are able to engage in real time football games, interact with their favorite Atletico de Madrid athletes, learn about the club’s history, access unique digital assets, and read the most up to date club news.

Club Atlético de Madrid is one of the top teams in, La Liga. The club has been known for its long history and their ‘Never say never’ spirit continues to inspire a large group of fans. The Atletiverse is not only an exclusive, virtual place in which Club Atlético de Madrid’s players and fans can interact; it is also an innovative, Web3.0 community that centralizes entertainment, socialization, and commercial activity.

The core team of OPENVERSE comes from the Alibaba Damo Academy, Machine AI team-Tencent, and Andrew Ng’s Lab of Y Combinator. OPENVERSE has nearly 100 team members spread out through Singapore, North America, and China; and an in-house AIGC lab that holds a number of related patents and intellectual properties in this space. The top tier talent is the backbone of OPENVERSE in bringing opportunities to collab with other brands and celebrities in building Metaverse spaces and avatars effectively and efficiently.

Leading technology in the market

With leading insights and cutting edge technology, OPENVERSE enables companies in embracing a new life style in the new era of Metaverse BOTs (build-operate-transfer).

AIGC and real-time technology distinguishes the “Opener” system from other projects, which can easily switch…

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