This Watermelon Vodka Cocktail Recipe is the Key to Defeating the Heat – Wired PR Lifestyle Story

Watermelon is like summer. While these warm weather nights may be coming to an end, this cocktail will keep things fresh and carefree when you need to pack in those summer atmospheres. Watermelon vodka cocktail recipe is the perfect complement to outdoor (or indoor) gatherings. Chef / owner Helene Henderson of Malibu farmhouse he presented this to us cocktail at a wonderful dinner this summer, and we’ve been hooked ever since.

Having a unique specialty when entertaining guests an easy drink preparing is always a good idea. In addition to setting the overall mood for the evening, it’s an easy way to pick up on a dinner party theme and make you feel thoughtful (you really only needed five minutes to whiten it!) Plus, these ingredients are fresh. , seasonal and confusing, creating the perfect hot cocktail.

This recipe was part of our menu Dinner at the Malibu farm at Helene’s house. Get other recipes and read the full story here! And go to the recipe card for this refreshing watermelon vodka cocktail recipe …

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