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Latest Coronavirus: White House Coordinator Says US “Corner” of Pandemic

The U.S. jobs report is weak amplified political tensions in the White House and ahead of talks by lawmakers this week on Joe Biden’s economic plans. Some economists say they expect the fall only temporarily, and the strengthening of vaccines combined with the previous stimulus will enhance recovery.

Canada lost more than 200,000 jobs last month with accumulated losses in industries such as retail and hospitality and entertainment caused by public health cuts. Employment fell by 207,000 in April, meanwhile unemployment rate it rose 0.6 percentage points to 8.1 percent, Statistics Canada said.

Passengers from England will be allowed to re-embark foreign holidays at the end of this month, but they can only visit a few destinations without having to return to quarantine. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said Portugal, Gibraltar and Israel it would be among the 12 countries and territories with the least reduced “green list”.

For the UK wedding industry, it is believed to generate £ 14.7 billion and employ 400,000 people a year. destructive. About 220,000 marriages, which is 80% of the 2019 total was delayed last year, was created to replace the industry in times of crisis according to the UK Weddings Taskforce group.

The coronavirus pandemic sought to push the Indian Serum Institute and its director general Adar Poonawalla from a dark drug manufacturer into the world. life-saving vaccine. But four months later, it’s Poonawalla in the face of a calculation While India is under a second wild wave of infections.

Pfizer CEO says Covid-19 vaccine patent waiver “release a mixture”For scarce raw materials and to prevent innovation in the pharmaceutical sector. According to Albert Bourla, the suspension of intellectual property rights “threatens [put] the safety and security of all those at risk ”.

World Health Organization he added Sinopharm vaccine approved the list of approved Covid-19 owners, strengthening the dose certificates made in China, developed in cooperation with the Beijing Institute of Organic Products. between doubts above efficiency. The emergency use list is a two-dose regimen for adults.

It will be about 30 people from the UK he offered an alternative Against the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine, it was confirmed on Friday by UK government officials that a decrease in Covid-19 infection rates carries a rare risk. blood clotting the situation associated with the owner may outweigh the risks of the disease.

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